…this year, don’t miss the mark! Easter…

NOW is the best time to start planning for Easter Sunday. What! As a matter of fact, the best time to have started your planning was the day after New Year’s Day. But don’t worry you can start now.

I can tell you for a fact, your church can have so many visitors till you won’t know which way to turn, if you start planning Easter right now! Disclaimer: Greater Harvest Ministries only promotes growth. The Senior Leader and members are 100% responsible for discipleship and developing spiritually.

Easter will definitely help a church grow, when you do the right things. Please read to the end of this message.

  1. Make sure members have been taught how to invite people to church. That way your church may actually get 10% to 25% more visitors than you usually have attending your church.
  2. Make sure you have a Visitor Center and the Visitors Ministry Team knowing what to say, what information to collect on the Data Collection Cards, “when” and “how” to follow-up.
  3. Be sure you follow up within the “3 to 4 day” window of opportunity. The 4th day is the most critical day for inviting visitors to come back next week. By the way, you also should have BIG plans for the Sundays following Easter.
  4. Fellowship right after Easter service with “light refreshments”. The Senior Leader, Church Growth Ministry, and Visitor Ministry teams, and members should go around mixing and meet “all” of the visitors and inviting them back to next Sunday’s worship service and event. What event!!!!?
  5. Create next Sunday to be just as exciting with visitors as Easter Sunday. The event can be a barbecue, a light dinner, basketball, etc. Make the event non-churchy and tell everybody and, especially, the visitors to bring somebody with them . Be sure members and Visitor Ministry Team, follow up with visitors within 3-4 days. Your church should be packed again.

Every church should be having some kind of event for the next 3 weeks following Easter. The goal: increase members!


I cannot express enough to Senior Leaders the importance of planning for Easter ASAP. Sure, we all know Easter is weeks away, but trust me, to get a good number of visitors you must start planning right now.

  1. Get your members ready.
  2. Invite potential visitors to come
  3. Make plans not only for Easter but for the three weeks that follow.

…and that’s that!

God Bless. Dr. Beverly Tillman