Easter, Easter, Easter

Here are just a few things that came across my mind this week:

  1. The first and foremost, please have a wonderful and prosperous Resurrection Day! Let us give Him all honor and praise for what He has done for us. And just to paraphrase ……1 Corinthians 15:17 “and if Christ had never gotten up from the grave, our faith would be futile and we would still be dead in our sin!” Wow! I am so glad He got UP!
  2. Now on to business. I know every Senior Leader is ready for the Easter celebration. (Not to mention one of my clergy friends “corrected” me by replacing my Easter word with the Resurrection word!). You know, when we are “recruiting” new members into our churches nothing is wrong with the word Easter. The outside world sees nothing wrong with saying Easter. So why should we! A word is just a word until you meet Jesus! Let them have their word! (…and I bet, the Salvation Army sees nothing wrong with the word “recruit”.)
  3. Then last but not least… it is not too late to start getting ready for the Sunday after Easter. You can invite all the visitors back for another celebration right after church. Call it an “after church social” … coffee, tea, cookies, potato chips, etc, etc, etc. I am talking about a big time FELLOWSHIP! Just get together and socialize and have some fun. No, it is not too late to plan. And even if there are no visitors go ahead and do it anyway. And better yet, if your church can afford a luncheon, go ahead and do just that.

Ok, have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. Make it a great day!

…and that’s that!

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Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman