Pastors, Do This, Do This, Do This

Pastors, you must do this if your church is to grow exponentially within a few months .

This means your church is growing by groups and individuals joining each month. Now, every church (hopefully) will always have one or two Visitors joining every couple of months. But why let that happen when you have opportunities to increase the numbers of people joining monthly? In order to do this, you must have a “holistic” approach to church growth that will engage almost every process and everybody in your church so that your church grows.

Well, now some Pastors will always to advance the idea that “I just want a “few” Visitors to join who are really interested in Christ and the Word rather than having a bunch join who really are not interested.” Just think about that for a minute. The more people that come the more people a Senior Leader will be able to teach about Christ. Simple math creates more and more opportunities to win people to Christ. 

So, I offer you 5 opportunities when all worked together will bring you into a process of church growth. 

1- I cannot overemphasize the importance of developing one overarching Plan that will enable you to grow your church. AND, once you have done that tell everybody both in your church and outside of your church about the Plan and what you are doing, i.e., growing your church! 

2- Make an ASSESSMENT of your entire church: what you are currently doing, physical property and members. Be specific. For example, determine who has leadership skills. This will definitely go beyond the members who currently are in leadership positions. I bet you have some dynamic leadership gifts in your membership that you have never used their skills and (some of them just might feel overlooked). Also, once you make the assessment of your ministries maybe you will decide to combine some, change the format, or decide to become more contemporary, etc. 

3- Establish a Church Growth Ministry of 5 members to help you develop and execute your Church Growth plan. Establish a Visitors Ministry that will develop the process by which Visitors are absorbed into the fellowship of your church. Establish means that the ministries will continue even after your church grows. There will always be new ideas.

4- Organize and do an all Visitors and Members event.

5- Assess your community and decide how you will engage the Community. 

Of course, each aspect of this growth endeavor must be developed and that is where Greater Harvest Ministries can support Pastors and Senior Leaders in church growth. If you want to learn more contact Rev. Dr. Tillman at You can also find her on Youtube.

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Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman