What Greater Harvest CAN NOT do for you…

Greater Harvest surely CAN NOT do these actions for your church.

  1. Discipleship. This is a ministry that church leaders and members have to do themselves in order to have successful retention. We can help you increase numbers, but we cannot increase Disciples.
  2. Outreach and Evangelism. This is something Senior Leaders and members have to do in order to be successful around your community. Yes, these two ministries can have a tremendous impact on a church growth.
  3. Membership “Activation”. Activation is the process whereby members get “overly” excited about growing their church. Greater Harvest can only show you how to do membership “Activation”. It takes everyone in the church working together to be successful at activation.
  4. Visitor retention. This is a ministry that Greater Harvest will show you how to implement such that visitors will want to stay. Yes, you will have a high success rate for retention.
  5. Community infiltration. Yes, you see big numbers once you learn how to “infiltrate” a community. It takes a lot more than just knowing where the “hot” spots are to grow a church.

…and that’s that.

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God Bless,
Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman