How to Grow A Church Step 1

Will show you how to begin growing your church starting with the Church Assessment. Next the Membership Assessment will show you to evaluate your members opportunities to leverage what they are already doing into the potential of growing your church.

How to Grow A Church Step 2

Will show you how to convert Visitors into Members. You will learn how to get them and keep them. Next you will access your Children and Teen Ministries. You will implement them in a manner that will become an open invitation to join your church

How to Grow A Church Step 3

Will show you how to make a complete assessment of your community. You will be able to make appropriate decisions for opportunities to develop church community relationships and you will develop major opportunities for effective outreach and evangelism.

How to Grow A Church Step 4

Will show you which Live Secular events are just right for your church. And you will learn how to determine appropriate signage for the inside and outside of your church facility. Many churches meet in hotels, schools, lodges, etc. which are enhanced by appropriate signage.

The Greater Harvest Church Growth Team is prepared and knowledgeable to support you in developing your growth plan, identifying areas you can leverage, getting most of your members involved and all other aspects of growing your church. We are here to support you!

To learn more, you can reach Dr. Tillman at