Lies, Lies, Lies About Church Growth

Do you know there are so many lies surrounding church growth that are absolutely outlandish?  

So, let’s look at 3 “very serious” lies about church growth.

Lie #1 – Pastors will get “stuck” in doing most of the work!

  • Ok so this is a lie straight from the pit of the enemy. With the correct strategy of “activating” members and changing their mindset about growing churches, the pastor will not have to do most of the church growth work. The members will do the work… and not only that, they will love doing it! …. Love the Pastor too!

Lie #2 – It will cost quite a bit of money to grow a church.

  • Another lies straight from the pit of hades!
  • Actually, having the right strategy in place, leveraging correctly, putting in place the right church growth leadership team, should all work to give you a cost-effective church growth plan. Having all of this in place should not increase the church budget at all or in some cases very little.

Lie #3 – Church growth takes a long time.

  • This is surely a lie straight from you know where!
  • So, what is “a long time?” The enemy will have you guessing and running around in circles trying to define “a long time”!  (So is it, 1 month, 1 year, 5 years!)
  • With the right strategy many churches can begin to see church growth within the first month if not sooner.

Greater Harvest will kick out all of the lies even lies not mentioned.

We will present you with strategies where the Pastor will not do most of the work, leveraging like you’ve never seen before, church growth starting within one to two months. This is our guarantee.

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