Do all visitor centers work? No. Why not?

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Do all Visitor Centers work out? And another way to ask that question is does every church “Visitor Center” attract visitors? This is an intriguing question.

The answer is absolutely NO. Here are a few reasons why! (… and this is no attempt to point the finger!)….and some suggestions and SOLUTIONS!

  1. Many churches have Visitor Centers, but the church doesn’t have a member stationed at the center to greet visitors when they first “enter” the church. So, the visitor just walks on by! This is an easy fix (sometimes). SOLUTION: The leader should “appoint” a member to “stand” (and please do not appoint a member to “sit”) at the center. The Pastor or Senior Leader can even be the appointee! Why? Imagine from a member’s point of view how motivating it is to see the Leader doing what the Leader asks others to do. AND, AND ,AND it makes a tremendous impression on the Visitors to meet and be introduced to the Pastor when they first come into the church.
  2. Many churches do not have a Welcome Visitor “sign” at the Visitor Center, even though they might have a member at the Center. This is worrisome, because where on earth is the visitor supposed to know where to go to fill out the visitor information card and to pick up information about the church? Now, let me tell you, some churches have information all over the entrance to the church… believe me, this approach will not work over the long run. SOLUTION: Make sure you have a sign large enough to be seen that welcomes the visitor when they first enter the church. Be sure a church member at the Visitor table.
  3. Some churches do have a Visitor Center but no “give-aways”. And this a sure way for visitors to “go-away” …and forget all about you. Give-aways are one of the best ways for visitors to remember your church. SOLUTION: Just give a see -through bag with a pen ( from the dollar store) to write on their contact card. Also, add to the give-away a small card with pertinent information about your church ( time and dates of activities, church name, Senior Leader’s name, upcoming events). Give a small piece of candy. 90% of the visitors will remember you and especially when you follow up with a call, text, email. And for churches under 150 members, visitors go wild when they get a call!

…and that’s that!

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Dr. Beverly Tillman