Here is what 57% of Churches that want to grow are NOT doing.

Hopefully many of our churches are starting to worship on location… whether it is in a church building, hotel, lodge, school, theatre, home wherever… there is one thing you must always do READ ON.

Believe it or not 57% or more, i.e., of churches do not give the “Call to Christian Discipleship at worship services” …. In other words, “ask people to join”. Can you imagine? Keep reading because even if you are one of the Senior Leaders who does, I still have something to say, that I’m positive will be of interest to you.

Here are some tips on when to call people to Christian Discipleship or invite them to join your church. We all know this Call alone might add people to the KOG and to your church.

  1. Always absolutely make the Call after the end of (or somewhere during) all worship services.
  2. Always invite people to join during ALL social and fellowship occasions given by your church. Yes, at parties, luncheons, picnics, at any event! Make the positive assumption that although you are not worshiping people still might want to join!
  3. Always give your leaders and members permission to invite people to join whenever they are officiating at church events, whether or not you are present. This could be at social event. As a matter of fact, sometimes it turns out even better when a member officially invites people to join.
  4. Always extend the invitation at children and teen events. And if a child joins be sure to tell the parents, if the parent was not present at such a momentous occasion. You just might get the parent to join too!
  5. Always extend the Call prior to prior to communion.

Most of all, and I am sure I don’t have to tell you this, joining is not the same as people being called to give their life and commit to Christ. (Just think about this…. People may just want to join “before” giving their life to Christ!)

…and that’s that!

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God Bless,
Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman