What are the Big, Big, Big Risks to Growing a Church?

Is there a risk to growing a church? Well, there is probably some risk to doing anything that’s new and different. Growing a church does involve making adjustments. But there shouldn’t be much risk when you stay on track. So, the answer to that question is, yes, there are some risks to growing a church. However, once you get a plan and stick to it, the risks become less and less.

So, let’s discuss 3 risks and how to overcome them.

1-Spending too much money. WHAT… Overspending! Take my word for it, you should not have to spend much money to grow a church. Set a budget ahead of time during your planning stages and stick to it. In smaller churches and bigger ones too, everyone can pitch-in and help with the expenses contributing talents, i.e., pot-lucks, picnics, barbecues, after church socials. And other socials like movies (and popcorn), basketball games, etc. Also, paper goods can be purchased at “Dollar” stores. There are many more economical opportunities that will come up during the planning stages and even get better once you get started.

2- Planning events and few-to-no Visitors show up! Ugh!!! (Or, maybe no one showed except the Pastor’s family!) This is why when you start growing a church, you want to start with low budget events. Visitors who are not interested in “church” will often come to non-worship (low budget) events… parties, socials, movies, sports games, etc. … Also, in the book How to Grow a Church Steps 1 and 2 tells you how “activate” members so that they become really excited and go out of their way to invite everybody they know to church events. We call this “Member Activation”!

3- Members not participating in growing “their” church. This is a really serious challenge. This is why How to Grow a Church Step 1 spends half the book showing Pastors and Senior Leader how to get the entire membership involved in the church growth process. Yes, this can and must be done.

So that’s that….

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God Bless you.
Rev. Dr. Tillman