Lost opportunities to grow a church – Final Part

And now we come to part 3…These are the areas of many, many lost opportunities to grow churches.

  1. Not greeting Visitors. 
  2. Members not having anything to do (!@#$!@) WHAT! 
  3. Community not being involved in growing the church. 

This is the third of a three-part series. I challenge Senior Leaders on three important issues. Please take the opportunity to read this article and let me know what you think at by emailing me at drtillman@greaterharvestministries.com

OK, so let’s talk ….

To many churches are not “fully” engaged in their communities. I will present to you some workable solutions. Also, Pastors, keep in mind that your community is actually part of your flock, i.e., sheep of another pasture and may be waiting to hear your voice. When you think of community folk as your sheep, you will be the shepherd out there doing whatever you can to round up your flock!

Here are some ideas and suggestions worth noting, (and there are many more) .

  1. Yes, you can be fully involved in your community by participating just a few times per month.
  2. Get to know the mayor’s office and the community center. You don’t necessarily need to know the Mayor or center Director, but knowing them will be beneficial. These two places know “everything” that’s going on in your community. Just think of them as the “busy bodies”. And they also know where every thing is located. Plus, they have the demographics (which of course you can also obtain from google). Throw in the Fire Chief and Police Chief and their departments.
  3. Once you find out what is going on in your community, decide which activities your church can be a participant in and go for it! Start with 2 or 3 events.
  4. Get to know and mingle with the people at community events and activities, especially the events you have chosen.
  5. These are some of the events many communities are involved in: back to school, Christmas events, Easter egg hunts, annual picnics, sports games, and the list goes on and don’t forget City Council meetings and Halloween (did she say Halloween???? Yes, I really said it!).
  6. Now, what do you do at these activities? First look at everyone you and your members meet as a potential visitor (and the folks you will potentially shepherd). So, use your visitor’s information cards to follow up with “everybody” you and your members meet. Just like you would do with any visitor that came to your church. Visitors are in How to Grow a Church Step 2. You can download this book for free with promo code Admin99 on my website.
  7. Build up your data base when you use Visitor cards.
  8. Oh, did I forget to mention Street Evangelism? No, I didn’t forget. You do not need to get involved in Street Evangelism or Outreach ministries in order to be involved in your community. Street Evangelism is a different and unique ministry in its itself and deserves its own entire article.

… and that’s that!

Needless to say, I’ve written an entire book – How to Grow a Church Step 3 about assessing and getting involved with your community. Your can obtain the e-book or soft cover on my website.

To learn more, you can contact Dr. Tillman at drtillman360.com

God Bless,
Dr. Tillman