Does Your Church Have a Visitor’s Center?

So, what is a Visitor’s Center? It’s that place in your church that welcomes Visitors! But do you have one? Sounds reasonable and sounds like every church should have one…. but believe it or not most churches do not have a Visitor’s Center.

So, let’s dig in! A “Visitor Center” is an established location within the church where Visitors are “formally” welcomed to your church. Here a few tips.

  1. Set up a Visitor’s location “Center” right in plain view of the visitors as they enter the church. Actually, a visitor should have to walk pass the Visitor’s Center! This can be a small, small table. Resist the temptation to have a 4X6. And resist the temptation to put everything the church has to offer on the table. This will make the table look cluttered and disorganized at best.
  2. Place a sign right on the table that says “Visitors Welcome”. There are very inexpensive signs that your local sign store will be able to make for you. Use a light color with Welcome Visitors written in white with no other writing on the sign! ( That’s right! …no other words on the sign… and … please do not write in black). If you don’t understand why…. please purchase How to Grow a Church -Step 4. It tells you everything you ever wanted to know about signs!
  3. Assign a church member to host the “Welcome Center”. And the member should be wearing a sign… you know what I mean… the member should be wearing a badge that says their name and “Visitors Ministry”. Yes, you need a Visitors Ministry! Get members involved. Let them take turns.
  4. What to put on the table:
    • Data Cards for each visitors to complete– name, phone, email, etc. This must be completed “before” the visitor enters the worship area! No clipboards, please.
    • Small gift bag– with candy, a pen, a card with information about your church, i.e., name, phone, worship times, bible study, Pastor/Senior Leader’s name…all wrapped in a colored paper (and how about a bow). You can also include a small card with your church’s ministries.
    • A small separate invitation to meet at the social fellowship immediately right after church services.
    • And nothing, nothing else, please on the table! (If you are doing this…) Stop putting loads of information and other stuff on the table that are of no relevant information or interest to visitors. In general visitors do not want to know everything!
  5. You must have a Visitors Data base…a forever and forever data base to be used over and over. How to Grow a Church Step 2 gives all the information you need to know for a successful data base.

That’s all I can give you today. We’ve written an entire book on Visitors Conversion Assessment and Visitor Conversion Blueprint. This is all in How to Grow a Church Step 2. Purchase your books today!