Community….Pastors, You Really Need to Read This Article

Not everything we do should be done within the walls of our churches. (Ok, so you’ve heard that before.) But have you tried that before? Why… because God is working within our communities….­­­­He does need our hands, our feet, our eyes, our ears, our hearts, and the list goes on.

Make your church the “go-to church” in your community? Yes, whenever anybody thinks “church” … they think of your church, because your church is the Body of Christ within the Community! Don’t forget that Jesus became incarnate and moved right into the community! We are the incarnate Jesus in our communities.

I want to take you quickly through a Community Assessment.

  1. Identify and familiarize your church with the community resources of people, businesses, and institutions available in your local community. Yes, indeed, you will definitely need them, and they will come to need you!
  2. Identify locations of prominent importance, i.e., fire departments and police precincts.
  3. Identify prominent people, i.e., the Mayor, school principals, Fire Chief, Police Chief, etc. Sure, your church will call on these people, not because of trouble but because of their knowledge and resources.
  4. Know the other churches … both Christian and non-Christian.
  5. Identify your neighbors within the immediate surroundings of your church. Now, let me tell you this! I have experience Pastors and Senior Leaders not knowing any neighbors! (WHAT) Please get to know your neighbors.
  6. Let me give you another horror story experience of mine. I lived in a part of Los Angeles, CA a grandson and his two-year-old baby were murdered right on their Grandmother’s porch! I drove approximately 10 miles to minister to the family. I happened to ask the Grandmom had any of the Pastors visited her? She said … no. (I thought this was shameful) On my way home, yes, I cried as I passed 7 churches within walking distance from this Grand-mom’s home. My heart was broken. DO NOT LET THIS BE YOUR EXPERIENCE. Dig in and get to know your neighbors.
  7. Identify places that would be amenable for Outreach AND Evangelism.
  8. Don’t forget to identify the demographics and ethnic areas.

Once you complete the assessment, yes, get ready to implement a plan to be a sure part of your community. It will NOT involve that much in order to be visible within the community.

I hope this article was a BIG help. I do mean that because most churches do not know their communities. The Body of Christ should be very busy, very nosy, and very Incarnate within the community… I mean VISIBLE!

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Be Blessed and pass this email on to just “one” other Senior Leader.

Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman