Does your Church, Church on Thanksgiving?

So what is a smaller church to do? This is sort of a question “to do” OR “not to do”.

It most likely doesn’t matter, and if it does matter, most likely it will be the chosen few seasoned Christians who always show up anyway, unless you change your “show up” invitees (???). So here are a few tips.

  1. First of all, your church does not have to have church on Thanksgiving, because all, if not most folks you are trying to reach, most likely are not interested in going to church on Thanksgiving. (Are you trying to reach the unsaved?) Not only will they want to stay in bed late, but they just might want to get the dinner cooking. In other words, most people who show up on Thanksgiving are the few faithful.
  2. If you decide to worship on thanksgiving, make a giant hoop-la to reach non-Christians. When a church is trying to grow, everything you do should be in the interest of getting non-Christians to attend.
  3. If your church does a give-away or party, or some other social “prior” to Thanksgiving, do allll you can do to get allll the non-Christians your church members know to attend! You might even want to advertise. I’m sure if everyone works together in your church, most likely you will be able to attract many visitors! AND please get the visitors contact information!
  4. And last but not least, I believe all church events / activities should be done with the scripture in mind “go everybody and make disciples”. If you go by this scripture you will be making a big deal about all church activities and events!

…and that’s that…and have a tremendously, stupendously, wonderfully, deliciously ….Thanksgiving!

To learn more about attracting visitors contact Rev Dr. Beverly Tillman!