A church GROWTH PLAN should be very specific to your church.  WHY?

Reason #1

  • The most obvious reason is “follow the Leader”. God gives the Pastor a specific “vision so the people do not perish!” The Senior Leader’s plan should involve a simple and very specific strategy for “their” church. Don’t forget visions can often be the same, but, your church is not the same as any other church.

Reason #2

  • For a plan to have maximum effectiveness there must be a specific “strategy”. A church down the street might have the exact same vision and even plan, but given the diversity in Pastors and members no strategy will fit all churches. For instance, every church needs fellowship, but there are many ways to fellowship. Which is the best way to fellowship for you and your church?

Reason #3

  • In order for a PLAN to be specific the Senior Leader must have an “entire” assessment of all areas of the church and membership. For example: You just might learn that the Ushers have been taking visitors right down the wrong isle. So what is the right isle? This all depends. For example, one church I worked with, the ushers were taking all the visitors to a visitor section (ugh). Visitors (in general) do not want all that attention. Some of them may never come back!  So you might say “how ridiculous seated all in one section”. But just think about it, how many things your church might be doing that look ridiculous to an outsider. AND, no, this story was not made up! (I had to sit in the visitors’ section one time!)

Well, Greater Harvest Ministries can work with you to help you with the assessment and your specific PLAN with the right strategies for growing your church. You will experience the right PLAN with a very specific strategy that is both easy and economical.

To learn more about developing your Plans and Strategies feel free to contact Dr. Tillman at  www.greaterharvestministries.com for your FREE 30 min Discovery Call. She and her team know exactly how and what to do to grow your church.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman