What do Signs, Signs, and more Signs have to do with growing a church

Signs, Signs, Signs.

Unfortunately, some churches don’t realize how signs should be presented both “outside” and/or “inside” of their church.

Ok so let’s get really real…. Here is another one of my horror stories. I was meeting a friend at a church which was not in a traditional church building. I arrived early, but could not find the entrance… anywhere. Once my friend arrived, she led me around the building into the church through a circuitous “pathway”! I never, in a million years, would have found out how to get into the church! Did it have to be this way? NO!!! It wasn’t the pathway or the building.

It was lack of signage. I wonder how many visitors left because they couldn’t figure out how to get into the building. And don’t forget some people do come late!

But let the truth be known, it does not matter where your church meets… a school, basement without windows, lodge (with a bar!!!!), hotel, etc. BUT please, please have appropriate signage.


Signs are visual graphics created to display information about your church in a manner such that a friendly invitation is displayed. The signs must be easy to read and easy to follow.

Signs vary in form, size, color(s) and font based on the information you want to convey. Note: a sign does not have to be beautiful, just useful, providing the right information.

Signs are intended:

  • To become an open invitation to Visitors as they engage your church from the “outside” or from the “inside”.
  • To provide Visitors ease in finding your church.
  • To designate your church as the church in a specific location. 
  • To allow Visitors, once inside your church, the ability to move throughout your church facility easily and comfortably.

I do … want to make a big fuss about how important signs are! Big or small, where they should be placed, what they should say, how many words should be on a sign, what color, etc. There is so much more to “show and tell” about signs. I hope you get the idea. Signage is extremely important for growing a church.

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Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman