What Secular Events should your church sponsor?

This is a great question!

Secular events are non-religious events. The real purpose for churches to continuously have these events and activities is that many non-Christians and non-Church folks who do not want to go to religious events, might just attend a secular event or activity.

Now, before I give you some great ideas, please remember that the END purpose of secular events for a church … always, always is to eventually lead people to Christ. And remember these events are for anybody who wants to attend. But we want to make sure we invite people and are among people who most likely do not know the Lord.

So here are a few events your church might just want to organize.

  1. Any types of Ball Games are always fun and anybody who likes to see them or participate in them absolutely “must be invited”.
  2. Barbecues are always fun… and if you know non-member people who like to cook, hey, let them cook!
  3. Book clubs ( with non-religious books of course), board games, sewing /knitting clubs, all are non-religious, and always great secular activities.
  4. Trips (with parental permission) are always great for children’s secular events. Trips to amusement parks, movies, roller-skating, ice-skating events.
  5. Car washing, school tutoring, firework-ing and movie-night-ing, babysitting (with parental permission for older children…the list goes on….
  6. Community discussions with the police department, fire department, voters’ registration, community safety, etc.
  7. Community events that churches can participate in, i.e. such as picnics, show and tell days, farmers markets, parades, Christmas and Easter events and the list goes on.
  8. Movie nights! Take a non-Christian movie and discuss afterwards. Yes, I bet the discuss will take on a turn for the best …Christian conversation.

The sky is the limit when it comes to secular events that a church may host, participate in within the community, co-host with another church, or co-host with a community partner. But only do events that you feel will work for your church.

Remember, all secular activities present the opportunity to fill out the visitor data cards, follow up, invite people for more events, and eventually start inviting people to Christian activities at your church. Final word: Remember to use the Visitor data card.

..and that’s that!

To learn more about how I might be able to support you in growing your church through Secular Events, contact me today!

God bless,
Dr. Beverly Tillman