Best way to Grow a Church: Take a Vacation

Every Pastor needs a vacation, but would you believe many decide not to take one because they put Church Growth first. No, no ,no! You cannot put growing the church first… FIRST start with your well-deserved retreat, sabbatical, vacation so that you can be ready and refocused to GROW A CHURCH.

My Pastor friends, I have been on a well-deserved vacation over the last week.(Yes God said it was “well deserved!”) That is why you did not receive a CHURCH GROWTH article from me this past week. 

I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Los Angeles, California. This was a vacation time I spent away from my computer, away from my books, away from my Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. JUST PLAIN AWAY and taking some well-deserved vacation time with friends and with God. Of course, I spent time with God every day and many times a day. 

Holy Spirit renewed me on vacation. Yes, I was busy going here and going there spending time with friends I had not seen since covid-19 and having a different well spent time with Christ! It was great and I feel great and very renewed! Ready to write more articles, ready to meet with more Pastors and Senior Leaders, ready to consult and teach, ready to live my life to God’s highest expectation for me!

Growing your church with a well written plan and strategy takes, a clear head (which you can get from a vacation), a relaxed body and attitude ( which you can get from a vacation), a renewed relationship with Christ ( which you can get from a vacation, if you spend time with Him), and a renewed outlook on the awe of growing your church ( which you can get from a vacation ). Take your well-deserved vacation, retreat, sabbatical SELF CARE whatever you want to call it. Take it!

I invite you to join me, my Brothers and Sisters, in the ministry. Let’s go forward to grow and to build our churches… yes the Body of Christ. Become the church of ACTS 2:42-47 where God grew the church daily with those being saved!

So do what I did this past week. Take your well-deserved vacation, and the rest, and the change of pace that God has given you the grace to deserve. 

God Bless and I will be sending you a new news article next week and additionally, I will be sharing with you what is new on the horizon for Great Harvest Ministries and how you can participate.

Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman