10 Things a Pastor or Senior Should Stop Doing

I will be short and to the point…

  1. Stop procrastinating when it comes to growing your church. This is what Christ has called you to do. “If” you believe Matthew 28:19, “go make disciples”, ask God to make a way.
  2. Stop keeping any plans you have to grow your church to yourself and a few members. There are other members who might want to get in on the action!
  3. Stop holding members back from living out their callings. If someone is called to be an Evangelist, let them evangelize, if they are a Prophet, let them prophecy, Pastor let them pastor, Teacher by all means let them teach.
  4. Stop assuming that everything should remain the same but “only needs to be worked on so it becomes better”. Maybe you just need to throw it out!
  5. Stop assuming people who want to come to your church are ok with hearing that looooooong message on your answer phone. All they need to hear is the name of your church, times of worship and bible study, and lastly the address. Knowing the Pastor’s name and a whole bunch of other things isn’t going to help them.
  6. Stop saying that you’re ‘interested in church growth. Well, maybe you’re not interested. It is hard to be interested when you have too many others things going on, like.. at home, at work, at church. “Church growth” may be the last thing you want to hear. But I believe if you get honest with God, He will make a way. Jesus is the one who commanded “go make disciples”. So, hold Jesus accountable for making a way for you.
  7. Stop believing the lie that growing a church requires lots of money. I am here to tell you; it does not take a lot of money. Also, keep in mind that as your church grows you will eventually get more money through tithes and offerings.
  8. Stop “not participating” in events with people in your community. There is a whole world out there just waiting for you; neighbors, business people, events, homeless, other churches, etc.
  9. Stop being the “lone wolf” church. Combine some ideas for growth with other churches. And if those other churches fear that you will take their members, go work with some other churches, even non-Christian churches.
  10. Stop saying you have already tried to grow, but nothing seemed to work. Get some help! … from a professional church growth strategist!

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God Bless, Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman