Avoid these pitfalls: Why won’t my church grow?

Let’s discuss the reasons why many churches will not grow no matter how much they try.

Pitfall #1

Developing overtime a “negative” mindset. No matter what is mentioned they just “know it won’t work”. Mainly because at subconscious level, pride and fear set in and so this church just may not even try to plan to grow. No one wants to admit either -pride or fear. The solution to this is 1) pray to find out if you are in that category. 2)Then if you are, pray to overcome this obstacle. Then let Holy Spirit give you a “positive” mindset that will enable you to try a new strategy that will work for your church.

Pitfall #2

Some churches just do not want to change because they just like things the way they are. You know just “old stuff”. These churches although they think they “want” to grow actually “don’t even think about growing”. They say we will sing louder, bible study longer, pray louder-longer, preach better-longer and “if” God wants us to grow, we will! (Give me just one reason why God would not want to grow a church) How about a different strategy? Ok how about trying some “new stuff’. Get rid of the “old stuff”.

Pitfall #3

Some churches will agree on a church growth strategy, that might actually grow their church, but when it comes time to following the strategy for some reason, they just will not fall in line to follow the strategy. They get busy and many of them get so tired they stop right before their breakthrough comes through, which will start adding new members to their church. And so, a really a good planned strategy falls through the cracks.

…and that’s that!

Bottom line, if you indeed want your church to grow and are willing take the next step, then learn more about how Rev. Dr. Tillman, a former Pastor, might be able to support you in growing your church. To learn more set up a free private consultation, text Dr. Tillman or email her directly from here.

God bless,
Dr. Beverly Tillman