The BIG Reason Churches Don’t Grow 

Let me just say this! The biggest reason why churches don’t grow is THERE IS NO PLAN. 

If you want to grow a church, you must have a PLAN and “tell everybody” “inside” and “outside” of the church you are planning to grow and this is how. Most churches do not have a church growth plan and when they do the leaders rarely share the plan and how it is going to work.  So…  

  1. The plan must be “strategic”.  Whenever you have a strategic plan, it is 1) deliberate, 2) calculated, 3) premeditated. You will know where you are going and most of all you know how to get there.  
  1. The plan must be “holistic”.  That means “all” things work together for the growth of the church and for those who love the Lord and are called to His purpose. Sound familiar? Holistic means that the Pastor, the members, the clergy, the ministries, the sermons, the fellowshipping, the seniors, the youth all work to make it happen. 
  1. To save money the plan must “leverage” using what you already have.  You must leverage the people, the ministries’, the building, etc. Yes…you already have what you need to grow your church. Organize correctly what you have and your church will grow. 

At Greater Harvest we work with you to develop a cost-effective strategic growth plan specific to your church. Show you how and when to leverage. Show you how to grow holistically. And we support you in total follow through until your church begins to grow. This is our guarantee.   

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