What is your church planning for Christmas?

Start planning right now if you have not started yet! Don’t be one of the churches that starts planning the week before Christmas (Ha, ha, ha and Ho, ho, ho)

Here are a few ideas for churches wanting to grow.

  1. Just have a Christmas party. So, you have no money. So what! Have everybody who can bring something, bring something…. Food or snacks and candy and whatever! Parties are loads of fun as we can all attest to. But the big thing about parties is that everybody (especially un-saved) you can invite to come. It does not matter who they are just invite, invite, and invite again.
  2. Some churches have “secret Santas” . Now here me on this one. To perfectly honest about this idea, it many times makes me cringe. Why? Because there was a time, when my Mom, could not afford to buy even the smallest of gifts and so me and my sister stayed home.(Now, just meditate about that???) Please don’t take for granted that everybody can afford to buy a gift. However, you just might have a few people who can afford to purchase gifts. So let them buy gifts for your church and raffle the gifts off. How’s that for thinking!
  3. Try having a Christmas play with the children…… only this time (if you haven’t before) let the parents be in the play AND you can also l have parts where anybody shows up can take a part in the play. Critical thinking: one of your visitors might want to be in the play. Just ask and see what happens!
  4. During the holiday season, invite the community in for drinks…did I say drinks??? Hot cider, eggnog, hot-chocolate, hot coffee, hot tea!
  5. Go door to door Christmas caroling! This might seem goofy, but you will be surprised how many new and old friends your church will make and how many will be willing to try your church out (and even try your church again).

Let us know what your church will do to add to this list…and that’s that!

Bottom line, if you are trying to get your church to grow and are willing take the next step, then learn more about how from me, a former Pastor, who might be able to support you in growing your church. To learn more contact me by setting up a free private consultation, text her, email her directly at Contact Dr. Tillman.

Dr. Beverly Tillman