Lost opportunities to grow a church – Part 2

This is the second article of a three-part series challenging Senior Leaders on important issues surrounding church growth. These are the areas of many, many lost opportunities to grow churches.

  1. Not greeting Visitors.
  2. Members not having anything to do (!@#$!@) WHAT!
  3. Community not being involved in growing the church.

OK, so let’s talk ….

Members not having anything to do…. #$%#$&*WHY?

Unfortunately, there are members who end up just sitting round while the other members are doing most of the work most of the time, i.e., leaders of ministries, prophets, pastors, teachers, cooks, ushers, and the list goes on. And let me share with you. Many members are never considered for what they can do. Like Leadership! (And some members actually leave churches, because there is nothing to do!@#$%! Because somebody else is already doing what that member could be doing. Ugh!). Hint… put 2 in charge or add more members to work in a ministry, etc.!

Why, you may ask are members sitting around …

  • Pastors don’t want to rock the boat if somebody is already doing the task.
  • The belief that “only” or “few” members have the calling, anointing, gifting, etc. to do certain jobs.
  • Some members are never asked directly by name to do anything. I bet you there are actually leaders sitting on the bench who have never been asked to lead!
  • Not considering that most members “don’t enjoy just sitting around.
  • Pastors not being aware of all the gifting in their church. Once a Pastor is aware, the Pastor can actually start asking sitting members to join right in participating!

…and the list of reasons go on, and on, and on.

Solution!!! (and there are many solutions)

  • Allow more than one person to do a position. Yes, you can have two leaders for each ministry or activity. Add more bible teachers, add more greeters, more ushers, more, more more of what members can do. AND a few more different preachers (WHAT)! (Most people who want to preach actually have the gifting)
  • Let members sign up for whatever they want to do. Take “the sky’s the limit!” approach. Just because members have been doing the same “thing” forever, doesn’t mean they want to continue doing the same thing forever!
  • Allow “free reign” or “free rain” of blessings of Ministry Gifts. Most people know their gifts. Let them use their gifts. Don’t hold people back.
  • Be open to new ideas, new ministries, new activities, etc. AND let members try their ideas out.
  • Continuously remind members that “we” are the Body of Christ and each person being different, actually adds to the overall success of the Body and the local church.

Members actually want to be involved! AND don’t forget many members remain sitting because the Pastor never sits with them and asks them what they would like to do.

… and that’s that!

To learn about getting more members involved contact me, I offers free consulting for growing churches.

God Bless,
Dr. Tillman