Introduction: Dr. Beverly Tillman

I am Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman and I’m a Church Growth Strategist for small churches. You many know me through my evangelism work in Chicago, or you may personally be part of my circle. It has been a while, if ever, since I’ve reached out so I wanted to send you an update on what I am doing.

My team and I work with Pastors and Senior Leaders and their members to grow churches. We use holistic strategies that are proven to grow churches. I am also the author of How to Grow a Church, Steps 1 through 4. Each book contains a strategy for growing a church in “real time.”

Why it’s important to grow your church now: 

I became involved in church growth when I began see how so many Pastors and Senior leaders were struggling to grow, and members were leaving churches and not coming back. Then to make matters worse, COVID-19 hit the world… forcing members to go to church virtually.

Now that we are finally coming out of the pandemic, church leaders have a new world of exciting, promising opportunities to grow their churches on location! 

I come to you as a Church Founder and former Pastor and have more than twenty-five years in ministry experience. I received my D. Min and M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary where I studied church planting, church growth and community involvement. 

I look forward to sharing these strategies for Church Growth with you.