Money, Money, Money

So, lets discuss some of the financial aspects of growing a church between 20 to 200 members. Sure, of course, you are going to have to spend some money especially when you start your Church Growth Ministry. But don’t forget, as you grow, the tithes and offerings will increase. (Don’t forget to teach about tithes and offerings.)

  1. Major onetime expense will be on signs. Yes, this is true. Most churches must augment signage, starting from the outside to inside the of the church. (I haven’t found a church yet, that didn’t need to increase the number of signs.) On the outside some signs for a church may have to be placed 1 or 2 blocks away from the church. Generally speaking, custom signs can be purchased from the local custom sign store. Purchase How to Grow a Church Step 4 to find out about signage colors, font size, information to put on signs and the appropriate wording and pictures to put on signs. One of your signs should be 4ft X 6ft (guess which one!).
  2. Small items and Supplies. Most church members will be able to contribute food, time and talent, i.e., Be creative. Let your members bring snacks and goodies, fruit, paper goods. Right, don’t get into the habit of the church treasury having to foot the expenses for small items. Let members get use to taking care of the small expenses.
  3. Outreach for the community. Invite the community to the church or you can take the church to the community with food pantries, clothing items, etc. Often local establishments will pay for foods for the homeless. Enjoy Christmas parties on the church property. Walk throughout the community passing out flyers to church events. Don’t waste money postal mailing information to your community. Partner with community events. Partner with other churches. Play music in front of the church (if permitted by the city ordinances). Many times the city will extend permits for churches. During the Christmas season the church can sing Christmas carols at the mall and throughout the community. Of course there are many other opportunities throughout your community with little to no expense to the church. And that’s that…

You can learn more about free or little to no cost activities from How to Grow a Church Step 3 and Step 4.

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Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman