HOW TO GROW A CHURCH: Is Evangelism REALLY necessary?

Which Evangelism are you talking about? Street Evangelism or Evangelizing people we already know?

Let’s start with STREET EVANGELISM.

  1. Most Senior Leaders know about Street Evangelism and HATE IT. I really mean hate “DOING” it! Unfortunately, that is why much Street Evangelism never takes place.
  2. Depending how Street Evangelism is done it may bear fruit and that fruit may just wander into your church AND eventually join. (Read Dr. Tillman’s book “Taking It to the Streets Evangelism Manual” on
  3. Not everyone in the church has to participate in Street Evangelism. However, Pastors must choose wisely members given this responsibility and make sure they are trained to do it.

Let’s look at NON- STREET EVANGELISM (Yes, every church member should be doing this and doing their share.)
Ok, so most Senior Leaders actually never consider doing this (ok so I know that’s not you???) or still think all Evangelism has to happen in the streets. But “every” member should be taught to do evangelism and also how to lead someone to Christ AND should be doing it frequently with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and the list goes on. This kind of non-Street Evangelism will definitely bear fruit and grow your church.

  1. Every member should be taught to do non-Street Evangelism. Sometimes called FRANgelism. And it can actually start by inviting people they know to Non-worship events such as picnics, parties, just plain old socials. Many of the people who regularly attend your events will actually begin worshiping with you AND just might eventually join and become members.
  2. Stress with your members that inviting people to non-religious events given by your church helps to grow a church.   

Greater Harvest Ministries has much experience in activating members to participate and to “excitingly” invite people to church events. We can show you how and which events to set up that will bear the most fruit for your church. (Remember each church is different.)  To learn more how you can grow your church schedule your FREE 30 Consultation with Rev. Dr. Tillman.

Be Blessed,
Dr. Tillman