How many of us as Senior Leaders really think of the End Game? Really? VISITORS being saved and converting to Christianity then converting to membership.   PLEASE KEEP READING (I don’t want to lose you).

Jesus said “go make disciples”. Then after major fellowship (ACTS 2:47), “He added to their numbers daily those who were being saved”. Sort of makes you wonder about fellowship… doesn’t it?

Greater Harvest Ministries will support you in moving Visitors from the rank of Visitor to the rank of Membership. 

  1. Make sure every Member becomes a Hospitality Host  by learning how to become hosts in their own house, i.e., church, in their pursuit of Visitors becoming saved Members (Leviticus 19:34).
  2. Make sure every Members becomes excited about fellowship (let’s call this what it is, “socializing”) with each other and inviting Visitors to socialize with them. Everybody socializing with everybody else. This is the Body of Christ.
  3. Make sure every Members is aware there are three kind of Visitors 1- Non-Christian Visitors whom your member already knows like family and co-workers. 2- Non-Christian Visitors whom your Members do not know, like people in the neighborhood and community. 3- Christian Visitors who want to rededicate their life to Jesus. Why is it important to know there are 3 kinds of Visitors? …because we interact with each differently. And Greater Harvest will show you how!

It appears that growing a church hinges a lot on the Members. And it does. Don’t forget “sheep beget sheep”. Therefore, time has to be invested in getting members invested in “begetting more sheep”!  Are you wondering just how to do this?  Greater Harvest Church Growth Ministry will show you exactly how turn your members into Class Act Hosts and become engaged in and excited about growing your church. We guarantee it!

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