Are you ready for Easter?

Make April 9th all about Easter and How much Jesus loves Visitors! Are you ready for Easter yet… I mean other than sermon preparation? Well…. let me give you 3 tips for VISITORS on Easter. In preparing for any and all events at your church you must be “specific” and “intentional”.

Specific meaning, you have to know exactly just what you want to do. And intentional meaning, you will do it strategically every time!

  1. Specific – Your Visitor Ministry and some of the members will be ready to receive your visitors. Intentional: Know exactly what you are going to do with and for visitors. Example: Make available three or four members from your Visitor Ministry Center to give visitors the small gift you have prepared ahead of time. And you will intentionally seat your visitors and not let them just meander throughout your church looking for a seat.
  2. Specific – Your church will set up an welcome Meet and Greet for visitors immediately following worship services. Intentional: Your members will do this after all worship services without exception every Sunday. Example: Most of your members will have the opportunity to Meet and Greet visitors and additionally introduce their visitors to other members and also other visitors. Hey, have some fun! Definitely do a Meet and Greet on Easter no matter how much effort it takes. This is a gesture that will definitely make a visitor think about coming back.
  3. Specific – Call to Christian Discipleship (which you do every Sunday anyhow). Intentional: When a person comes forward to join your church, be sure they are greeted and they know where and whom to go to. Example: Just do it! Unfortunately, I have seen situations where a person comes to give their life to Christ and there is no one assigned in the church to greet them. (WHAT!!! And What again!) Yes, this really happens.

Ok, so as you can see, I made this Newsletter all about the Visitor, because the members already know you and they also know each other, but the visitor is very special and they may only know the person who invited them OR they may not know anyone at all.

You will most likely experience having more visitors on Easter than other Sunday so by being specific and intentional, you will definitely be setting the stage for visitors to return.

AND last but not least prepare the Visitor Data Cards. AND follow up with all Visitors during the week so you can invite them back to another celebration of Christ the King!

AND please note. I bet you, most Visitors do not know the term Resurrection Sunday. It is alright to say Easter!!!!!!

…and that’s that!

To learn more about how you can grow your church especially by training members to help you do this awesome task contact Rev. Dr. Beverly Tillman at or

Have a great weekend!

Rev. Dr. Tillman