Three Tips for Starting a Conversation

Getting a conversation started is one of the hardest part of evangelism. But you don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself as a witness. Take initiative in casual conversation, be receptive, and relate your experience or ministry to them. 

The most effective conversations about Jesus are the ones that come from the heart and your own experience. But how to even begin? 

Here are three tips for starting an evangelism conversation with anyone: 

  1. Initiate a conversation with your friends first and people with whom you are comfortable. Then expand from there. Start a conversation with people waiting in line in a coffee shop or sitting beside you on the bus. Or if you do not have many opportunities to have a conversation, consider joining a gym or organization.
  1.  Chat about everyday life. Talk about the weather, ask them how their week has been, talk about sports and see where the conversation goes from there. The conversation should be authentic and light. Ask questions and listen to the answers. 
  1. Be a listener rather than a lecturer. You don’t need to be the expert; you just need to be receptive of the person’s concerns. Practice with a partner in relating everyday conversations and concerns with the gospel. 

Also remember, that when a person engages a conversation with you, every question you are asked is an opportunity to answer in an unexpected way: 

I have two sisters, one of whom just joined the volleyball team at Hope church. Have you ever been … 

Thanks for asking; I am doing well. God answered a prayer in a really encouraging way for me today … 

Oh I love French fries! The best fries I ever had was when I went with my youth group to … 

When we get involved in people’s lives through conversation, it prompts curiosity and builds relationships, opening the door for the gospel.