Increase Membership In Your Church

WEEK 1 - 9am to 5 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
WEEK 2 - 9am to 5 pm; Wednesday, Thursday

Welcome to our online “HOW TO” grow your church BOOT CAMP. You will embark on a hands-on approach training that will result in growing your church. Come ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work as you learn what you’ve never learned before. We take an “everything works together for the good” approach as we train you to use our Strategic Holistic System for growing churches. We are looking forward to being with you over the two weeks of the GROW YOUR CHURCH BOOT CAMP.

Here’s what you will learn in this Boot Camp:

In this 5 day online LIVE BOOT CAMP you will successfully acquire the skills you need in order to grow your church. Dr. Beverly Tillman will be teaching methods that Senior Leaders and their church members can use immediately to grow their churches within a few months. She will train methods and programs that will lead to increased attendance. You will be involved in a hands on approach.


  • HOW TO start growing your church within 1 month
  • HOW TO convert Visitors to Members
  • HOW TO activate the Signage Attraction System
  • HOW TO do an accurate Church Assessment for Church growth
  • HOW TO do an accurate Community Assessment for Church growth
  • HOW TO make Membership Paradigm Shift Mindset for growing your Church

You will learn how to do an accurate Community Assessment. You will develop your Membership Paradigm Shift Mindset so that all of your members will want to participate in growing your church. You will set up Ministry that will bring in new members. And most of all, you will learn the “holistic” approach to doing ministry in your church. And much, much more!